Employable Me

3 x 1 hour | 2018 | Produced for ABC TV


Employable Me starts on ABCTV and iView on Tuesday April 3, 8:30pm. 

It’s hard enough finding a job nowadays, but when you have a disability it can be almost impossible.

Northern Pictures is in production on the documentary series ‘Employable Me’ following people with Neuro diverse conditions such as Autism, Asperger and Tourette Syndromes as they search for meaningful employment. 

This uplifting, warm and insightful series draws on science and experts to uncover people’s hidden skills and to match jobseekers to roles that can harness and illustrate their strengths.

We all deserve a role in society. That’s what this show is about: striving to belong and play your part. The series looks beyond first impressions to reveal there’s always more than meets the eye. 

Our crew has been following 9 participants for the last 4 months as their job searches unfold. From the fun loving Marty, who just wants people to treat him the same as other people regardless of his Fragile X, to the socially withdrawn Tim, who suffers extreme anxiety every time he leaves his home. As a result, he’s never had a job.

For Kayla, the sudden onset of Tourette syndrome around the time she was graduating from high school has created a huge obstacle in finding work. Despite her involuntary tics, violent body jerks and verbal outbursts, she is desperate to find an employer who will give her a chance.

Participants are warm, funny and generously open. Each story is told from a characters own perspective and follows their determination. Neuro-psych testing by experts substantiates their skill sets, revealing in some an astounding cognitive brilliance amongst the participants with job searching resulting in some truly surprising results. 

The NSW Department of Family and Community Services supported the series as they want to challenge the public to re-evaluate their attitudes around the employment of people with disability. With filming now completed and post under way, we believe the stories told in Employable Me will melt hearts and change minds.

Financed by Screen Australia, the Australian Broadcasting Corporation and the generous financial support of NSW Department of Family and Community Services with the assistance of Create NSW