Most Extreme - Alien Planet Earth

SERIES 1 | 65 x 24 mins | 2017 | Produced for Channel Nine

The world is full of amazing animals, some of which we’re familiar with – others that come as a complete surprise. The Most Extreme – Alien Planet Earth is a fun look at the best (and worst) behavior in the animal kingdom, through the eyes of an outsider for whom everything is ‘extreme’!  

A half-­‐hour factual series with a comedic twist, The Most Extreme – Alien Planet Earth is targeted at 7-­‐9 year olds. It showcases sequences of extreme animal and human behaviour, linked by a presenter in the character role of alien explorer “Zog”.

The foundation of the series will be stories of fascinating and compelling animal behaviour, as shot by some of the world’s leading wildlife filmmakers.  The series will feature some of the most astounding sequences ever filmed, supported by meticulously researched narration.

Studio-­‐shot segments of the presenter in character as “Zog” the alien observer will introduce and link stories with scripted material written in a comedic tone.   

Sequences of human behaviour will compare and contrast the human and animal worlds.  All shades of human behaviour will be explored, through purpose shot sequences of modern day kids in action.  

Funny, intriguing and occasionally downright outrageous, The Most Extreme – Alien Planet Earth is an entirely new perspective on the animal kingdom.