3 x 1 hour | 2016 | Produced for CHANNEL NINE & PBS


The remote NW of Australia is one of the most extraordinary places on Earth. It’s three times the size of England. Yet only 40,000 people live  here, making it the Kimberly the most unpopulated place on the planet. 

To some, this is a harsh, barren wilderness; a place full of bizarre wildlife, both beautiful and deadly. To others however, it’s home.

On stations with herds of 100,000 cattle, jack-and-jill-aroos muster the mob in helicopters whilst dealing with extremes of flooding rain and blistering heat. Crocodiles along the meandering rivers make water crossings precarious.

Pearl divers work along the coastline, harvest the most precious and rare of all the marine gems, the South Sea pearls, whilst swimming in shark infested waters and battle deadly irukanji stings.

Miners descend into the steamy depths on the search for precious pink diamonds. The Argyle diamond mine produces 90% of the world’s rose-coloured diamonds, as well as champagne, cognac and rare blue diamonds.

Having had millions of years of evolution in isolation from the rest of the world, it is no wonder that the Kimberly holds so many precious and rare natural treasures.

It is also a sacred place that preserves much of indigenous Australia’s culture. Rock art hidden amongst the stone towers in remote river gorges, forms the world’s oldest open-air galleries, many paintings over 40,000 years old.

Across the Kimberly, traditional owners, wildlife rangers and scientists work together with to safeguard fragile ecosystems, whilst police, flying doctors, fire fighters and search and rescue crews protect the residents and tourists that find themselves up a croc infested creek without a paddle.

Outback will combine the strongest elements of observational documentary story telling with blue chip natural history, presenting unique stories from Australia’s wildest place through the people who live and work there.

Set against a backdrop of extraordinary habitats, ranging from red earth deserts to emerald beaches, from wide horizons to ancient gorges – the series will take the audience across the landscape that fluctuates between flood and fire in stunning Ultra High Definition.