Creature Mania

Series 1 | 65 x 24 mins | 2017 | produced for Channel Nine

Creature Mania! The show that’s crazy about the creatures we share our lives with and the ones out there in the wild.  This 65 x half hour show is targeted at 8-12 year olds, and presented by Alfie Gledhill from his bamboo tree house. 

 Featuring the voices of David Dundas and David Collins of The Umbilical Brothers as the very funny and totally weird Two Bobs, this animal packed show is chock full of fun and informative segments.

 From bearded dragons to ferocious fighting fish, meet real kids and their unreal pets in Pet and Tell. Hang out with Dr. Katrina Warren and the Wonder Dogs™ as she teaches us how to do amazing dog tricks.  Have a laugh with a Panda that likes to ponder, and test your knowledge of the animal world in Creature Quiz, and Animals Facts.

 From crocodiles to kittens, lizards to lemurs, hairy to scary, cute to kooky, if you’re crazy about animals you’ll love Creature Mania!