13 x 30 min | 2019 | Produced for ABC ME

Hardball follows fish out of water Mikey and his two misfit mates, Salwa and Jerry. Their goal - make Mikey the sweetest-bestest-acest handball champ Western Sydney's ever seen!

When Mikey’s daddy (Daddy) scores a rugby league contract in Sydney with the Western Sydney Bullfrogs, he upends their lives in New Zealand and plonks them in Western Sydney. They move in with Mikey’s auntie (Auntie) who has the people skills of a toaster. To make matters worse, her home doubles as a mechanic’s workshop and Mikey has to sleep in the back of a panel van.

During lunchtime on his first day at a new school, Mikey discovers something completely unknown – handball. Where he’s from, rugby rules, but here handball’s where it’s at. Mikey doesn’t know it, but this game’s going to change his life.

Watch all 13 episodes from 1 April 2019 on ABC ME.