4 X 1 HOUR  and 10 x 30 minutes | 2013 | PRODUCED FOR ABC TV



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Australian Screen Editors 2014
Winner (Caspar Mazzotti)
TwoDogs.TV Award for Best Editing in a Documentary Series

5th Cannes Corporate Media & TV Awards 2014
Best Nature Film

China Dragon Awards 2014
Gold Medal, Nature & Environment category

12th Marsalu International Film Festival 2014

Australian Directors Guild 2014
Best Direction in a Documentary Series
Director, Nick Robinson

New York Festival 2014
Gold World Medal
Worlds Best TV and Film, Nature and Wildlife Category

AACTA Awards 2014
Best Cinematography

ATOM Awards 2013
Best Science or Nature Documentary

Kakadu is an epic four-by-one hour documentary series combining human and animal lives to tell the extraordinary story of a year in Kakadu National Park. Filmed over 12 months, Kakadu is a life and death drama where man meets wild and nature calls the shots.

Here on the flood plains and ancient sculptured escarpments of Australia’s largest terrestrial national park, danger and great beauty are often the same. This is the World Heritage Listed site at its most magnificent and beguiling. But take care. Kakadu is wild. Deadly predators lie beneath the billabong surface and creep through the rugged stone towers.