Most Extreme - Alien Planet Earth

SERIES 1 | 65 x 24 mins | 2017 | Produced for Channel Nine

The world is full of amazing animals, some of which we’re familiar with – others that come as a complete surprise.  Most Extreme – Alien Planet Earth is a fun look at the best (and worst) behavior in the animal kingdom, through the eyes of an outsider for whom everything is ‘extreme’!  

 A half­‐hour factual series with a comedic twist, Most Extreme – Alien Planet Earth is targeted at 7-­9 year olds. It showcases sequences of extreme animal behaviour, linked by a presenter in the character role of alien explorer “Zog”, and his computer companion “Please”.

 Full of fascinating and compelling stories – showcased by some of the most astounding sequences ever filmed – Zog introduces each animal story, comparing sequences of human behaviour to contrast the human and animal worlds.  

 Funny, intriguing and occasionally downright outrageous, Most Extreme – Alien Planet Earth is an entirely new perspective on the animal kingdom.