News of the Wild

Series 1 | 37 x 24 mins | 2018 | Produced for Channel Seven
Series 2 | In Production

News of the Wild is an animal focused, factual entertainment news show aimed at 7-12 year olds.  Bursting at the seams with animals, laughter, news and information, it is sure to have universal appeal.

It is anchored in the studio by two squabbling co-hosts, Maya and Finn (or is that Finn and Maya, they can never agree), who cross to stories from a number of different locations and reporters.  Meet James as he busts animals behaving badly, Erin who believes she is destined for the news desk, if only she could be taken off the weather report and finally Emily, who has to get amongst it all, literally, as she delivers breaking news. The News of the Wild team are dedicated to keeping audiences up to date with the latest from the animal kingdom, presenting their animal news and magazine stories in an ‘as-live’ news format.

Sometimes the segments are factual – Wild Rescue, Evolutionary Tales, Animal Oddities, Animals & Us – and other times a parody on news-style bulletins or current affair programs – Busted!, Backyard Jungle, Live Bulletin.  The one commonality across all the stories is the enthusiasm, energy and entertaining way in which they are delivered by the shows’ presenters.