Changing Minds Feedback Page

A selection of feedback on Changing Minds: The Inside Story

"Surely one of the most important programs in Australian television history" The Sydney Morning Herald


"Challenging, grimly funny and possibly the most memorable, gripping and thought-provoking three hours of TV you're likely to see." The Age, Green Guide


"I suspect the ABC will have shown few more important and influential series than #ChangingMinds. The whole series is up on #iview. #mentalas" Mark Scott, Managing Director of the ABC


"The good judgment, delicacy and attention to detail on display throughout the production resulted in a magnificent TV event that had everyone here feeling ten feet tall" Phil Craig, Head of Factual, ABC Television.


Thought Changing Minds last night was exceptional. My congratulations to all concerned. Andrew Denton


Just watching your show on iview. Bloody fabulous. Good on you for producing such an important piece of TV Magda Szubanski


Wishing you all the best for a hugely successful 3 nights with Changing Minds. There is certainly a buzz. I’ve heard the series being talked about all over the place. Fabulous! Gretel Killeen


"Thanks for undertaking this difficult task. I think showing the wider public so accurately what takes place is a real public service and may help to normalise what is a very common occurrence but one not often seen. I feel privileged to have had a small part in it." Rob Wheeler, Legal Aid NSW


In my opinion this is a profound piece of television, which sensitively follows the patients who generously agreed to share their journey to recovery, and give hope to others affected by mental illness.

I believe the series will do much to raise awareness and challenge the stigma and misconceptions of mental illness. As a community it is important we encourage open discussion about mental health issues and I believe this TV series will start many important conversations.

- Dr Mary Foley, Director General of Health, NSW Government


Initially I was concerned that filming might cause distress to our consumers and their families and that staff would not wish to participate and would find the presence of the film crew in clinical areas to be intrusive and disruptive.

While I was somewhat reassured by initial meetings with the production team, who I found to be collaborative, warm and enthusiastic, I remained somewhat sceptical until I saw the first rough cut of the footage.

I had not expected to see something that made me laugh, choke up and kept me engaged from start to finish.

It’s impossible not to care for the people whose stories you see.

I came away confident that the program will give viewers a better understanding of the challenges faced by people who experience mental health problems, their families and loved ones and the staff who do such a great job in caring for them.

- SWSLHD Transitional Director Mental Health Dr Claire Jones


When one of our mental health inpatients Patrick said, “I used to think people with mental illness were weak…and they were pretending to get sympathy or benefits. Obviously I don’t think that now.” it was clear that we had done the right thing by allowing the Northern Pictures crew into Liverpool Hospital’s Mental Health Service. If we are to help shift public opinion on mental illness and remove the stigma that surrounds it people needed to see the touching stories of the patients and their families.

With one in five people being experiencing mental illness in their lifetime, there are few people who are not affected by the illness in some way, either themselves or through others.

While mental illness is not as stigmatised as it used to be, there are still many myths about what it is like to live with a mental illness, what the treatments are and what the recovery journey holds.

While we recognised that mental health patients are vulnerable, it was clear after speaking to patients and their families, that some people wanted their story told. They wanted to increase public understanding and debate about mental illness and to remove the secrecy surrounding it.

With the support of the Chief Executive we hoped that by agreeing to take part in the program our mental health patients and staff would have an opportunity to challenge common misconceptions and provide inspiration to others.

- James Yeandel, Director of Media and Communications


From Twitter:

#MentalAs is probably the best idea in television history. Spreading the message of "No one's alone" so openly is fantastic. Awesome job ABC

#ChangingMinds on @ABCTV, & the whole #MentalAs week; possibly the most outstanding thing I've ever seen in the media

#MentalAs #changingminds @ABCTV you have done more for mental illness in a week than govts have done in decades. #thankyou

I don't think I've ever seen such a stunning documentary as #ChangingMinds tonight on @ABCTV

Well, @postboxadam can attest I spent most of #ChangingMinds in tears. It brings so much of my own experience into full relief. #MentalAs

Fascinating and compelling. Thanks to all who have made it possible. #ChangingMinds. More tomorrow night 8.30pm #ourABC #MentalAs

@ABCTV @northernpics #changingminds now trending nationally on twitter! Great to see Australia joining the conversation. #MentalAs #ourABC

A unique insight into lived experience on the ABC, it should be mandatory watching for all: #MentalAs #MentalHealthWeek

Compassionate television. Educational. "Therapeutic alliance" great insights between patient and doctors #mentalas #ChangingMinds

Can we all just agree that the #MentalAs programing by #ourabc is a great use of taxpayer funds. It'd never happen on a commercial channel.

thanks @ABCTV for #ChangingMinds. Family just watched it & we FINALLY had a good conversation about mental illness (& I'm a MH Nurse)

I don't think I've ever seen such a stunning documentary as #ChangingMinds tonight on @ABCTV

Make no mistake, #ChangingMinds on @ABCTV right now is a game-changer for how we view #mentalhealth care in Australia #MentalAs - Black Dog Institute