TV Guide, Sunday 6 Oct

Kakadu, ABC1, 7.30pm This is supposed to be the next big thing from the ABC's factual department, but I'm not so sure. The cinematography is superb but there's something about its structure and focus that's a bit off-putting. A great deal of this first episode, for instance, deals with park rangers trying to get rid of crocs so the tourists can get in. Obviously this is an important part of business in Kakadu but it seemed odd to me that a celebration of one of Australia's great natural wonders should spend so much time tsk-ing over the pesky wildlife disturbing the tourist trade. Other aspects are more interesting but then we spend so long with anther group of rangers on the lookout for poachers I start to feel like I am watching Border Security. There is some engaging material here, but I switched on wanting to be amazed and inspired, and that just didn't happen.