3 x 1 hour | Produced for SBS

The history of the Italians in Australia is one of this country’s great immigrant success stories.

Our story unfolds in the Melbourne suburb of Carlton –the Italian heartland in Australia. It’s the third installment in the critically acclaimed social documentary series Once Upon a Time…

Over 100 years beginning in the 1920s, we trace the evolution of the Italians who journey from the old country in search of a better life and who’ve gone on to play a crucial role in transforming Australia into the diverse society it is today.

But it’s also the story of the dark forces operating from within that have threatened to derail a proud and resilient community at various times throughout its history – a secret criminal society that can be traced back to the arrival of the very first Italians to our shores.

The series traverses the themes of migrant settlement, divided loyalties, religion, identity, politics, family, racism and organised crime.