4 x 1 HOURS | 2015 | PRODUCED FOR Discovery Channel

Andrew Ettinghausen is going to discover what it takes to make it as a commercial fisherman in a country known for its tough land, rough sea and rugged people.

He will travel to every dirty, deadly, slimy and smelly nook across the expanse of Australia to join the fisher folk and work alongside the waterproofed warriors of our nations marine industry, whilst experiencing first-hand why people are willing to risk their lives on a daily basis. Plus he’ll reveal some Australian-first hi-tech aquaculture solutions that are poised to not only solve some of our oceans’ biggest problems, but save declining fish stocks around the world as well.

Thousands depend on the oceans for their livelihood, but are facing unprecedented pressures to survive: poachers, disease, climate change all threaten the only way of life they know. This is a series about our toughest folk and a disappearing way of life on the oceans across 8 million square kilometres of our island continent.



Asia Television Awards 2016 | Nomination – Best Factual Series